“My children had a combination of 6 years in Above and Beyond Students. They both were having problems with Math. After attending ABS, their math grades improved as well at other grades. They loved the ABS afterschool. Ms Blackmon really cared about my children and did all she could to help them in and out of school”

Mrs. Doris Alexander


“Before starting the ABS tutoring progam, i struggled in math. Math has always been my worst subject since grade school. this program has helped me tremendously, because of the time the teachers put into helping me. Now I am making above a C average in my math classes and I am very proud of myself period.”

Rodnicqua Guilllard

“Above and Beyond is a very dynamic program that is attuned to the pulse of the institutions in which it serves. The program is tailored to meet the diverse needs of all the students. I have taught Above and beyond students both in regular school and in the afterschool program; these students have shown significant improvements in academics and leadership skills. Above and Beyond may be seen as a true pioneer afterschool program, because it provides a myriad of opportunities for students to grow academically, emotionally and socially.”

Camille James, 8th Grade Math Teacher

“I had the pleasure of contracting with ABS to work with students. I can say that by far this program lives up to its name. They go above and beyond to help students succeed. They require their staff to go above and beyond. It was a pleasure working with the ABS family. Students who are able to participate in this program are truly blessed.”

Kisha Alston

Board Member:

“As a former board member, I would not serve in any program I did not believe in. I was honored to have served on the board of ABS. I saw first hand the commitment and integrity of Above and Beyond Students. As Executive Director, Mrs. Blackmon held the bar high and always reminded us that we were doing this for the children.”

Linwood Johnson

Afterschool Colleague :

“'The Executive Director of ABS is passionate about serving children. She embodies the pursuit of excellence, honesty and perseverance! I would certainly encourage anyone to support her program.”

Clara Witherspoon
God’s Production Ministries Inc.