About Us

About Us

Mission Statement/Goals

Unique Services

We provide the following unique services to our students and families:

  • School visitations, teacher consultations and attend parent/teacher conference with parent upon request.
  • Maintain progress reports and provide effective evaluations that communicate student successes and challenges
  • Participate in the lunch buddy program
  • Provide a stronger link between home and school
  • Connect students and parents to community services
  • Weekly enrichment activities, including
    • Field trips
    • Cultural exposure
  • Character Development
  • Strategic Parent Advocate Training – P.A.T.
  • Provide a variety of ways for parents to be actively involved in our afterschool program through volunteerism, parenting workshops and school involvement.

CAPTAINS: Children And Parents Taking An Initiative Now
In this program Parents and Students enter into a Compact pledging to work in partnership for success of the student holistically. Every ship has a Captain that guides, leads and helps the ship get to it destination. Children should view their parent as a 5 star captain helping them achieve success: The five stars are:

  • Love
  • Support
  • Encouragement
  • Engagement
  • Protection

By ensuring these 5 components are in place, children learn and grow to be the CAPTAIN of their own success.

FIRST : Families Investing Resources Starting Today
In this program families are taught the basics as well as the importance of saving and planning for the future. We help families understand that no amount is to small to begin investing in their future.

STARS: Students Taking Active Responsibility for Self
This program is built around character development, choices and decision making. Students learn that before them lie many choices and decisions. Some decisions bring temporary results while some decisions bring life long results. All choices should be rooted in good character. In addition students must participate in two community service projects. This helps promote civic responsibility and philanthropy within our students as they prepare to be 21st Century Leaders.

As a result, ABS is not “just another afterschool program.” Our students enjoy the program to the point they say “we don’t want to leave.” In addition, our parents are confident in their choice of choosing Above and Beyond Students as their afterschool provider.