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About Us

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PHILOSOPHY: ABS operation philosophy is based on the belief that greatness resides in each and every person. We strongly believe that by offering a safe environment conducive for learning, children can and will strive. Too often our expectations for children are low and we set the bar for achievement too low. We surround our students with highly qualified effective teachers who set the bar high. ABS works in the spirit of excellence to help students reach that bar.

VILLAGE APPROACH: ABS takes the village approach to educating children. The community must be part of the extended family to help educate and prepare students to reach academic and social success. We see ourselves as an extension of the family that strives to help the family, not replace the family.

ABS is founded on the basic principle that if a child is provided with the proper educational tools, qualified caring staff, encouragement and guidance they will rise “Above and Beyond” expectations. The main element for achieving this goal is to make learning interesting, fun, relative and rewarding.

ABS not only focuses on academic success, we also want our students to achieve social success. We teach and model conflict resolution, problem solving techniques, character education and responsibility for self, family and community.

AFTERSCHOOL ACTIVITIES: To achieve success with our students we engage them in a variety of activities that are essential to their success in and out of school.

Activities consist of:

  • Daily homework Assistance along with Reading/Math Centers
  • Tutoring with Individualized Learning Plans
  • Mentoring
  • Field trips, group activities, Culturally relevant workshops
  • Enrichment activities: Photography, Art, Music, Etiquette, Gymnastics, Chess, Sports and more.
  • Science, Technology, Engineering, Math projects
  • Robotics, FIRST Lego’s League

Our Theme for children is: “Pursuing Excellence, Exceeding Potential”